Servicing Agents

The Northern California Schools Insurance Group Servicing Agent Policy states that all Members shall have a Service Agent to provide assistance with the NCSIG property damage and liability protection program to both the Member and to the JPA Manager. Each Member shall have the right to select or to terminate its own Agent from the current listing of approved Agents. Agent fees shall be determined annually by the NCSIG Board of Directors.

View a list of current servicing agents, or contact NCSIG Administration if you do not know who your servicing agent is.

Servicing Agent Duties

The duties of the Servicing Agent include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Provide prompt and courteous service to Members with sound risk management and underwriting advice based on NCSIG Board policies and procedures. Encourage Members to use websites created for their benefit with the overall goal of mitigating loss exposures which may adversely affect NCSIG.
  2. Take claims reports (including incident reports) and report directly to the Claims Administrator; assist the school with disputed claims; follow up to claim conclusion.
  3. Assist Members with building and equipment values including construction projects, appraisals, and other changes that affect the property schedule.
  4. Report additions or deletions to the vehicle or optional floater schedules promptly to NCSIG.
  5. Issue Certificates of Insurance to lenders, lessors, owners of facilities used by school, auto finance, etc. utilizing the proper forms and wording as provided by NCSIG.
  6. Review on behalf of Member insurance related contractual requirements such as “additional insured,” hold harmless, indemnification, etc.
  7. Counsel schools on special or unusual activities in order to avoid unusual liability or property exposure. Back up administrators when activities need to be turned down.
  8. Assist NCSIG Risk Control Consultant and JPA Manager by following up with Members on safety recommendations. 
  9. Assist Members with underwriting information as requested by NCSIG.
  10. Secure special insurance for Members when needed for activities or exposures not covered by NCSIG (i.e. aviation, construction projects where separate builder’s risk insurance is necessary, watercraft exposures when not covered by Member’s coverage, student accident insurance, special events, etc.).
  11. Assist with the distribution of invoices and collection of premiums.
  12. Other services as requested by either the Member or NCSIG Administration.

Servicing Agent Termination

The NCSIG Service Agent Policy also states that NCSIG reserves the right to terminate Servicing Agents who are not satisfactorily performing their duties noted above to support the Member and/or NCSIG Administration. If necessary, the NCSIG JPA Manager will consult with the member to discuss service issues and/or concerns. The JPA Manager may also send a letter to the Servicing Agent noting any service issues and/or concerns to be addressed with the possibility of termination if service does not improve. Termination shall be effective on June 30 of the current program year or as determined by the JPA Manager on a case-by-case basis.